Business is like a game where you can either be part of the winners or join the losers circle. To win any game, you require well-crafted strategies and techniques. Likewise, business success requires having competitive strategies. Having a website is one step to winning the business game. However, the level of engagement in your site determines which side you will join.

Your web hosting has a crucial role to play regarding maintaining a consistent site engagement. Hence, before you rush to subscribing to a hosting program, it is essential to consider how it will impact your website engagement. Here are some of the web hosting aspects that can enhance or kill engagement of your website:

a)    Uptime

Your uptime is crucial for your online engagement. Uptime means the amount of time your site is available and reachable to a visitor. When your site is offline, you have a high chance of losing frequent visitors and revenue.

Even though no provider can offer 100% uptime guarantee, it is essential to look for one with maximum offers. Staying online with less to zero downtimes means you are always available to a visitor in need of your products and services. Hence, your website engagement levels will be high.

b)   Your website speed

If you are not new to online searching, you understand that a large percentage of visitors do not wait for more than 2 seconds for a website to load. Slow loading means few visitors who mean low engagement levels. Your website loading speed relies on your hosting provider.

For this reason, if you are expecting high number visitors and engagements you must consider a web hosting provider with the ability to enhance your site loading speed. Alternatively, you need a hosting service that guarantees you better loading speed such as cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting.

c)    Support

Take it this way: you are navigating your web page. You want to check how it is performing. You click on the analysis icon. Oops! Instead of getting results, you are met with the 504 error. You try to go through your mailing list to understand whether there was a notice of an issue with the hosting provider.

You find zero updates on the issue. You try to reach out to the customer support through live chat. No one gets back to you. All your attempts to communicate with web hosting provider hits a dead end.  You find that you have lost your traffic and sales. To avoid such an occurrence, you need to ensure your hosting provider offers you reliable customer support services.

All in all, if you want to maintain a strong engagement with your site, ensure your web hosting provider is reliable.


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