Use These 14 Ways to Promote your Online Store Website

It can certainly be exciting to open an online store website with high anticipations to start making long-awaited profits. Exactly how can you promote your business and sell products online platforms? Indeed, how can you promote your online store website and achieve success in this highly competitive business? Consider the following 14 ways to achieve success in your first year of business.

1. Try Podcast Marketing

Podcasts are audio file tutorials. Anyone can listen to these even on the go. Do you want to do different kinds of businesses and yet be available to keep learning new things? If the answer is yes, then podcasts can actually work for you. Podcasts have become popular with many because of their ability to help businesses multitask in different ways. You can try this to find out if it works for you.

2. Use Instagram Ads

If you peruse through your own Instagram feeds, you will find that specific updates are explicitly tagged as sponsored. In the real sense, these are Instagram ads. So that these can show up often, business owners pay money to benefit. These are ads that anyone can tap into. You can try using these if you wish to promote a certain product.

3. Twitter Promotions

It is great that Twitter allows businesses or individuals to have instant updates in short sentences. Twitter is, therefore, an excellent platform to exploit to promote your online store. In this way, you can expose your brand to millions of people within an instance.

4. Use Twitter Buy

Twitter buy generally works like Pinterest. It is a buy option that allows people to buy an item instantly at the same time it is being promoted. This too is a good deal that thriving business can readily exploit.

5. Sponsor Brand Contests

Do you want your brand to be associated with similar brands that are promoted elsewhere? If you wish to do this, then you can embrace one of the best ways going forward. You can become a joint contests sponsor. Note that each niche has lots of contests lined up. For you to succeed, ensure you join a contest that targets your audience.

6. Coupons

In the modern world of e-commerce, coupons are pretty standard. Why is this so? They have a fantastic potential to generate great sales with little effort. Actually, studies have shown that if you want to make more sales than your competitor, then offer discounts as an e-commerce website owner. You will get ahead of the competition before you know it.

7. Use Modern Shopping Apps

There are cool ways of getting increased sales and exposure for your website. You can use shopping apps which allow you to set a description, submit a product and set a price without the hassle. Just enter your items or products into such an app and, voila! You are ready to go.

8. Run Social Media Contests

Did you know that you can effectively promote your products using social media? Indeed, this is among the best ways that you can use to reach an amazing audience. A great suggestion is to run a contest. Not only does this spur up greater engagement, but this method also increases sales phenomenally for specific items that are marketed. In some cases, this can happen in an instant. That is how powerful this tactic can be.

9. Referral Marketing

One very lucrative way to market your website is to make use of referral marketing. Referral marketing is the process of rewarding clients or customers for their role in referring new customers to your site. How can you assign rewards automatically to each deserving customer? It’s pretty easy. Use referral software to achieve this.

10. Infographics

Today, infographics are becoming more and more popular because the internet market is changing rapidly. As time goes, the internet field has become more visually oriented, and therefore infographics are silently taking over as the greatest item on demand.

11. Department Stores

It takes just a little creativity to feature your products in the department stores that exist online. Good enough, here you can sell just about anything imaginable.  And the great bargain is that these shopping stores usually don’t charge anything apart from a percentage of the sale. This is also applicable only after the sale is made.

12. Influencer Gift Guides

If you wish to know who are the best people to help promote a new website, then it is influencers. Influencers can be described as industry or niche leaders who have a commanding presence online. Many boast of having thousands or even millions of followers in their social profiles.  Such individuals have a unique ability to take your message to the targeted audience within a short time. How then can you strike a rapport with them? You can request them to feature you in a gift guide. This will instantly put your products exactly where you want it: near potential buyers.

13. Item Boxes

You can exploit this trend that is gaining popularity in online business: Item boxes. These boxes contain sample items that are derived from a variety of brands. These boxes come in monthly arrangements. As noted, they usually contain products of different niches. If you wish to increase exposure for your business, all you need to do is to enter monthly boxes for your products.

14. List Posts

Apart from reviews, you may also want to put your items in list posts. This you can mainly set in the top 10 lists. How will this be beneficial? For one, these kinds of content usually generate plenty of views. Additionally, this method can also promote your product instantly, leading to increased sales.


Remember that brands have many ways of generating popularity aside from product promotion. At times, brands can get popular due to the service they offer. For this reason, make sure you are known for the excellent service you provide. Let whatever service you offer in your niche speak for itself. In this way, customers will recommend you to friends as the go-to person who offers the best service in a particular field. Try to use the 14 tips above to market your website online and achieve great success.