Once you have created your own website, the next recommended step is to register your own domain name. Domain names can be thought of as shortcuts to reach a particular destination – websites have simple words known as hostnames that once searched, communicate to a Domain Name System (DNS) what website to direct you to. DNS is a server that translates these hostnames assigned to a particular website to a machine-readable IP address which makes it possible to direct you to that website.

All successful businesses have registered domain names for their web pages. There are a number of benefits of getting a domain name registered for your new website, therefore, it is recommended that you do so as soon as possible – Here’s why:

  • Domain names make you look professional. If you have just started a small business and decide to publish your web page through a free hosting site, you will end up with a generic URL. Generic addresses aren’t as impactful and credible as those that are formally certified, as a result, prospective customers will not trust your business and your site will not receive as much traffic as it could have.
  • Domain names imply that you are up-to-date. In a world where technology is taking over, it is important for an online business or a website to seem like is up-to-date on technology amongst other things. Registered domain names help in this regard.
  • Domain names allow mobility. One of the biggest advantages of having your own domain name is that your progress in terms of customer equity or influence will not be lost if you decide to switch hosting services. In the absence of your own domain name, your URL will we changed to a different one and you may lose influence.
  • Domain names, if picked wisely, can attract walk-in customers. Domain names can be customized and that means that you can choose a word that matches your products, that way, when someone searches for those products using search engines, your business webpage is more likely to show up in the search results. Ensuring that your website appears higher up in the search results in this way increases the probabilities of prospective customers visiting your site. Therefore, domain names can be used, not only add a creative touch but to increase revenue and make you more successful.

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