A term like web hosting should not be new to a person interested or already involved in e-commerce. The number of people taking their businesses online is proof of how common web hosting has become. The needs of one businessman vary from another in the choice that meets their particular hosting needs. While some prefer free web hosting to start out and test the waters, others prefer the cheap web hosting services that will cater for some of their technical and customer care needs.

Hosting services may appear the same from one country to another. However, a little research will reveal there are significant differences.

Comparison between USA web hosting and Canadian web hosting

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For starters, there is a huge difference in privacy and how it is handled. In the States, there is zero legislation supporting data protection. Companies do not own data, and therefore, most of the privacy relies on self-regulation. In Canada, use and application of data within the private sector is highly regulated protecting individuals and businesses.

Another comparison shows that USA web hosting services do not consider local business growth like the Canadian hosting providers. In Canada, anyone leaving there who happens to open a website will be supporting a local business. The aim here is to bring all web hosting companies to a local point.

Before landing a hosting provider, understand these few things regarding domain name registration

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The first thing you need to do is register your domain name. This is way before your website comes into existence. While you will have a few selections from cloud hosting to web hosting, domain name registration is a common factor in all types of hosting.

Domain Whois go a long way to verify if a domain name is genuine or not. The last thing you need is to deal with a domain name that was in trouble for one thing or another, thus, it is really important for you to check your domain availability, in order to avoid scamming people and lawsuits. This website (Whois.com) will help you look through your ideal domain names and provide some clarity on which domains are the best for you. They may not clearly provide the different types of domain names, but they will give you the chance to look through various domain pricing and opportunities to transfer domain names.

Domains extension and the difference between top-level domains

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Everyone who has an interest in making a mark online has a range of top level domains to pick ranging from GTLDs to CCTLDs to NTLDs. Just what is GTLD Name and the rest of these other top-level domains?

GTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domain and the most commonly used TLDs in the industry. They include the .com, .info and .biz caliber. However, as general as they appear to be, only those who meet the eligibility status required of GTLDs are suitable.

As for the CCTLDs, better known as Country Code Top Level Domains, they are more specific to countries such as .jp (for Japan) & .us (for the United States). 

New Top Level Domains (NTLDs) became popular in 2012 with the aim of expanding the internet so that people looking for domain names have fun doing so. These domains include .app, .shop, .buzz and the like to fit the owner’s passion, personality or profession.

There is a huge difference in the price depending on your choice of domain. While some prefer free ones, others wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks for premium domains like the GTLDs. Prices of each domain vary depending on individual domains. The wise thing is to evaluate your website needs and then look up for domain names that can help meet those needs. You may choose to start with free domain names just to dip your toes in the water. But if you are into something more specific, you can consider premium ones as a worthy investment.